eParapher quick start


Java Runtime

eParapher requires JRE 1.5 minimum, which is now usually bundled with you operating system.

Verify here your java version, and download Sun's JRE if necessary.
IBM Linux JRE is not yet supported, due to special PKCS11 JCE.

Open Office

If you want eParapher to convert your Microsoft Office (word, excel, power point) and/or Open office documents, please download and install Open office.

If you can't install applications due to rights restrictions, you can use a portable version.


eParapher RCP client is very simple to install :

et voila!


Generate your personal certificate

To generate digital signatures, you need to generate a private key, protected by a secret, and it's relative X509 certificate.\

At the first start, eParapher will suggest to create your own certificate.

If you already have a keystore with X509 certificates issued by a PKI,
then select it in the Edit -> Preferences -> eParapher -> keystore settings

The main concepts around digital certificates :

  • Your certificate is public ID card, certified by a CA that check/validate your identity.
  • You prove your identity by using your private key and sending your certificate.

Open Office directory

To configure open office directory in eParapher preferences :

  • Go to Edit -> Preferences
  • Select eParapher -> OpenOffice settings
  • on OpenOffice binary dir, click on browse and select the folder that contain the soffice binary file.
  • on OpenOffice library dir, click on browse and select the folder that contain the program/classes directory.

Then you are ready to use Open office runtime to generate PDF/A signed documents, ready for archiving.


Sign your files

It's very easy :

  • Select one or more files in the document view
  • right click and choose the signature format you want.
    if you choose pdf, this will try to convert your file to pdf.

Keystore Managment

Coming soon...