What is eParapher?

eParapher is a end user security software that digitally sign files and manage keystores content's.

It supports 3 standards of :

It aim to be simple for the end user : secure by default and "one click" oriented.
Advanced users can also use wizards for advanced signature settings.

Quick links

  • You may start with the quick start guide, that explain how to use eParapher in a few minutes;
  • The Trac website will give you more details on the project.
    The Roadmap is open.
  • Find a bug? Submit an evolution request?
    Please report it quickly to improve eParapher quality!
  • Got motivation and time? you are welcome to contribute in many ways.

Why shall i use eParapher ?

With digital signature, you have a warranty that your important files (contracts, reports, plans, ...) comes from the right person, and that it hasn't been modified.

As a PKI Administrator or PKI end user, you can quickly and easily modify your keystores : import/export a keypair/certificate, change the format, ...

Finally, eParapher supports the latests open standards : PDF/A, Elliptic curve cryptography with ECDSA , ...

Product Overview

eParapher supports :

  • pdf convertion and signature on the fly of your text and image files with iText API, and your office files with OpenOffice runtime (v2.4 and later);
  • mass signing (2 files and more in one shot), asking once your secret.
  • Manage your keystores and/or cryptographic tokens content :
    • create, delete, import and export your certificates and private keys ;
    • use keystore files, such as PKCS#12, JKS, JCEKS or BKS;
    • use your Windows certificate store;
    • use your PKCS#11 Tokens, such as SmartCards for example.

Future versions will add new features such as timestamping, signature verification, command line interface, encryption, advanced certificate managment (automatic certificate renewal, act as a small CA, Open source CA connectivity, ...).

Other technical informations can be found on the Trac Wiki.

Special Thanks

eParapher is based on open source APIs and products.

So I want to thanks :

  • The Bouncy castle team for their robust cryptographic APIs ;
  • The Eclipse Team and their excellent platform ;
  • Everaldo for his fabulous & famous icons ;
  • The Sun's R&D Team for their great works on Java and OpenOffice ;
  • The JODConverter Team for their OpenOffice APIs.
  • The Apache directory studio team for their great work on eclipse RCP 'mavenization'.